In short, we provide services of building and installing mouldings in Toronto area that everyone can afford

Eitan Mouldings plaster moulding store in Toronto is your best choosing when it comes to costumes your home or your office. We are a company that supplies plasterboards and associated materials and is actively involved in the installation of plaster mouldings in Toronto.

We don’t limit ourselves in manufacturing just some types of products. We can create customize mouldings to fit your special needs according with your style and budget. For our clients we are trying to give all the best to satisfy their desire using high quality materials. Eita Moulding produces all the products in there very one location. Our costume made products include: Fireplaces (Limestone Look), Brackets, Sconces, Medallions, Niches, Ornaments, Friezes, Domes.

Our ranges can contain some of the simplest clean line to one of the most complicated and detailed designs and models. Eitan team of specialists can reproduce a complete cornice or moulding from the smallest of samples or create an entirely new and unique design according to your specifications and needs.  Eitan Moulding is able to cater to all tastes.

If you decide to make a small change with big impact in your home, then let our Toronto based company team to  build your own space and enjoy the result.

Why Eitan Moulding?

Because we are family-owned and operated business, we listen, we have the most competitive prices, we care about your business or home and we offer the best quality. We do more than just deliver a service, we create your dream home into reality!


Still not convinced ?

√  We are Family-owned and -operated
√  We Listen
√  Competitive Prices
√  We care about your home or business
√  We are committed to quality
√  We do more than just deliver a service

Plaster Mouldings Toronto – Give us an opportunity to be part of the team that moulds your dream home in to reality!


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