Whether you go for wood or stone, choosing your own custom mouldings has no limits

Eitan Moulding is a company founded over 8 years ago which is based on solid fundamental principles like quality, professionalism, accuracy and reliability that we want to transmit to our customers.

We are among the biggest Toronto providers of custom and manufacturer of ornamentals and architectural mouldings that can give your home or office a plus of elegance with their fine surfaces and accurate dimension.

Eitan Mouldings is specializing in costume mouldings. With our ability to make special cutting knives and a very large range of embroidery models, there is no limit for us to create any patterns that you desire.  Our customers can make their unique product by choosing embossing patterns, drawing the compatible sketch and picking the wood or the material that our team of experts will use to realize your product. We are specialized in manufacturing costume moulding with a stylish design so our customers’ needs and desires can become true.

Our company pride itself with a large selection of products that are affordable for every budget and taste. We have our own moulding tools that can make us easy to work with and finish any kind of specifications and demanding’s for your project.

Eitan Moulding priority is the satisfaction of our clients and to offer them the best quality of the products. We have concentrated on customer care and focused to deliver excellency in services. And because we care about your safety we only us non-toxic materials.

For more information and details you can visit our website: www.eitanmoulding.ca.



√  We are Family-owned and -operated
√  We Listen
√  Competitive Prices
√  We care about your home or business
√  We are committed to quality
√  We do more than just deliver a service

Custom Mouldings – Give us an opportunity to be part of the team that moulds your dream home in to reality!


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