To increase home value and spend less money for repairs or replacement, you can surely invest with us. Every penny you spend is totally worth it.

Eitan Moulding is a plaster mouldings business created some 8 years ago and has evolved into one of Toronto’s largest decorative plaster and architectural moulding’s manufacturers. We offer exclusive and beautiful plaster moulding that are designs that make your dream home come true and appear more realistic than you could ever imagine. We also offer the same services for commercial buildings and other establishments.

Giving the fact that plaster mouldings can be very complex, is really hard to choose a suitable supplier from so many manufacturers, but at Eitan Moulding every product is distinct.

When your home is in construction it can be pretty frustrating to coordinate all the projects in constructions and development and everything to be perfect for your dream home. This kind of projects requires a lot of communication and a great team to work with. Our team is always prepared to colaborate and coordinates with yourself and the other teams from your project. We make sure that we are there for you in case you need our help.

Installations can be a difficult task in the process. We work with very skilled teams for all of our products and projects, because the key to our success is our integrity. Before we install our products we submit them to rigorous inspections from visual to physical checks to ensure accuracy and uniformity for our costumers.

Our experience in this industry helps us to provide a good understanding about our products, and what they are involving for every project.



√  We are Family-owned and -operated
√  We Listen
√  Competitive Prices
√  We care about your home or business
√  We are committed to quality
√  We do more than just deliver a service

Plaster Mouldings – Give us an opportunity to be part of the team that moulds your dream home in to reality!


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