Having been in the business for over 8 years, we have learnt a lot. We use the lessons we have learnt from experience to produce accurate products that will give you satisfaction

Eitan Moulding is a family owned company witch put their base in 1997, in Toronto. It has manufactured its products using highly efficient techniques of drying and system applications to provide the highest quality.

Our team consisted from highly experienced and dedicated employees, is committed to meet the most specific and precise needs of manufacturing, constructions and detail sector of industry from the beginning of the design input to last stage. Eitan Mouldings is one of the best companies of plaster mouldings supply in Toronto because of the special attention and commitment of the architectural and design team, to our product.

Every person from our company dedicates his full time to create products which will inspire our customers around the world a feeling of happiness and pride at the end of every project. Our trained stuff provides the best services available onsite in our showroom, for any job. Also we offer support service throughout any job that our clients’ need. Eitan specialized team can realize any xisting moulding along with design and creation of everything that our customers my dream. With our abilities to create custom profile in house, we can finish your order in just a few days!

Eitan Moulding main policy is honesty. We aspire to complete every project that we will have with integrity and accuracy for our clients.

We have the most modern technology which is ready to meet any needs you have. For us there is no minimum or maximum capacity in our store because no job is too small or too big for us. We are here for you, to make all your dreams come true!

All of our manufacturing uses highest quality materials for our range of products and we strive to offer the best quality on the moulding market and maintain the standards for our company high.

Our company reputation and accomplishment reach to a level where not too many companies could reach. Every project is done with the maximum of professionalism, using the best quality materials and offering outstanding support and accessibility to our customers.

Eitan Mouldings is committed to any big or small job and we have formed limited partnerships with many of our customers over the years to complete even the largest tasks, because when we commit we  finish our work no matter what.

On our website (www.eitanmoulding.ca) we have a gallery with some of our past projects that we accomplesed with our superior quality mouldings.

Why Eitan Moulding?

  • We are family business
  • We have atractive prices
  • We care about your home or business
  • Quality is our main policy
  • We do more than just deliver a service

In conclusion, Eitan Mouldings is your moulding specialist with a trustable service costumer in high quality mouldings with competitive prices and commitment to our clients.

You can find more about us  on our website: www.eitanmoulding.ca


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